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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thinking in Java

Thinking in Java
By Bruce Eckel

Publisher : Prentice Hall
Pub Date : 2000
Pages : 1156

This java ebook discusses programming problems, why they are problems, and the approach Java has taken to solve them. Thus, the set of features explained in each chapter are based on the way the author see a particular type of problem being solved with the language.

Content of the ebook :

Chapter 1: Introduction to Objects
Chapter 2: Everything is an Object
Chapter 3: Controlling Program Flow
Chapter 4: Initialization & Cleanup
Chapter 5: Hiding the Implementation
Chapter 6: Reusing Classes
Chapter 7: Polymorphism
Chapter 8: Interfaces & Inner Classes
Chapter 9: Holding Your Objects
Chapter 10: Error Handling with Exceptions
Chapter 11: The Java I/O System
Chapter 12: Run-time Type Identification
Chapter 13: Creating Windows & Applets
Chapter 14: Multiple Threads
Chapter 15: Distributed Computing
Appendix A: Passing & Returning Objects
Appendix B: The Java Native Interface (JNI)
Appendix C: Java Programming Guidelines
Appendix D: Resources



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