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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Programmer's Guide to Java Certification

Programmer's Guide to Java Certification

Khalid A. Mughal
Rolf W. Rasmussen

Publisher : Addison Wesley
Pub Date : August 04, 2003
Pages : 672

A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification ebooks contains detailed coverage of all exam topics and objectives, helpful code examples, exercises, review questions, and several full practice exams. In addition, as a comprehensive primer to the Java programming language, this ebook is an invaluable reference tool for the reader.
This java ebooks contains more in-depth explanations of the syntax and usage of core language features that are now emphasized on the exam.

What you will find in this ebook:

· Extensive coverage of all the objectives defined for the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 exam
· Easy-to-follow structure with chapters organized according to the exam objectives as laid out by Sun Microsystems
· Summaries that clearly state and differentiate the exam objectives and the supplementary objectives to be covered in each chapter
· A list of Sun's objectives for the SCPJ2 1.4 exam, and a guide to taking the exam
· A complete mock exam with new questions (not repeats of review questions)
· Numerous exam-relevant review questions to test your understanding of each major topic, with annotated answers
· Programming exercises and solutions at the end of each chapter
· Copious code examples illustrating concepts where the code has been compiled and thoroughly tested on multiple platforms
· Program output demonstrating expected results from running the examples
· Extensive use of UML (Unified Modeling Language) for illustration purposes
· An introduction to basic terminology and concepts in object-oriented programming
· Advice on how to avoid common pitfalls in mastering the language and taking the exam
· Platform-independent coverage--platform-specific details are provided where relevant

Content of the ebook :

Chapter 1. Basics of Java Programming
Chapter 2. Language Fundamentals
Chapter 3. Operators and Assignments
Chapter 4. Declarations and Access Control
Chapter 5. Control Flow, Exception Handling, and Assertions
Chapter 6. Object-oriented Programming
Chapter 7. Nested Classes And Interfaces
Chapter 8. Object Lifetime
Chapter 9. Threads
Chapter 10. Fundamental Classes
Chapter 11. Collections and Maps
Appendix A. Taking the SCPJ2 1.4 Exam
Appendix B. Objectives for the SCPJ2 1.4 Exam
Appendix C. Objectives for the Java 2 Platform Upgrade Exam
Appendix D. Annotated Answers to Review Questions
Appendix E. Solutions to Programming Exercises
Appendix F. Mock Exam
Appendix G. Number Systems and Number Representation


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