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Monday, March 1, 2010

Internet Enabled Business Intelligence

Internet Enabled Business Intelligence

By William A. Giovinazzo

Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR

Pub Date : September 10, 2002

Pages : 368

This is the first start-to-finish guide to planning, deploying, and profiting from Internet-enabled data warehouses. Leading business intelligence specialist William Giovinazzo covers every enabling technology, every analysis approach, and every key challenge you'll face in linking business intelligence to the Web. From infrastructure integration to state-of-the-art profiling and wireless applications, Giovinazzo shows how everything fits together—and exactly how to use Web-enabled data warehouses to deliver powerful ROI in your business.

1.How the Internet enhances your business intelligence infrastructure

2.Leveraging key enabling technologies: Java, XML, XSL, and more

3.Breakthrough analysis techniques: understand customers better, and respond faster!

4.Integrating data warehouses with CRM and other enterprise and inter-enterprise systems

5.Establishing common warehouse metadata

6.Drawing on the clickstreams generated by your Web and e-commerce sites

7.Personalization techniques that work

content of the Internet Enabled Business Intelligence ebook:

Part 1. The Solution

Chapter 1. The Solution

Chapter 2. Evolution to e-Enterprise

Chapter 3. Internet-Enabled Business Intelligence

Part 2. Making the Internet Work

Chapter 4. The Web-Enabled Information Infrastructure

Chapter 5. Servers: The Heart of IEBI

Chapter 6. The Internet Network

Part 3. The Software of the Internet

Chapter 7. Empowering the Internet-Enabled Information Infrastructure

Chapter 8. Java

Chapter 9. eXtensible Markup Language

Chapter 10. Common Warehouse Metadata

Part 4. Building Relationships Over the Internet

Chapter 11. Look Outward Angel

Chapter 12. CRM in the Internet Age

Chapter 13. Swimming in the Clickstream

Chapter 14. Personalization

Chapter 15. The Road Goes Ever Onward

Section 15.1. One Last Visit with Billy Boy

Appendix A. Recommended Reading

Appendix B. Glossary

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