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Sunday, January 31, 2010

.NET Security and Cryptography free ebook

.NET Security and Cryptography free ebook

Security and cryptography, while always an essential part of the computing industry, have seen their importance increase greatly in the last several years. Microsoft's .NET Framework provides developers with a powerful new set of tools to make their applications secure. .NET Security and Cryptography is a practical and comprehensive guide to implementing both the security and the cryptography features found in the .NET platform. The authors provide numerous clear and focused examples in both C# and Visual Basic .NET, as well as detailed commentary on how the code works. They cover topics in a logical sequence and context, where they are most relevant and most easily understood.

This ebook will allow developers to:

1.Develop a solid basis in the theory of cryptography, so they can understand how the security tools in the .NET Framework function

2.Learn to use symmetric algorithms, asymmetric algorithms, and digital signatures

3.Master both traditional encryption programming as well as the new techniques of XML encryption and XML signatures

4.Learn how these tools apply to ASP.NET and Web Services security

Content of the ebooks:

Chapter One. .NET Cryptography and Security
Chapter Two. Fundamentals of Cryptography
Chapter Three. Symmetric Cryptography
Chapter Four. Asymmetric Cryptography
Chapter Five. Digital Signatures
Chapter Seven. .NET User-Based Security
Chapter Eight. .NET Code Access Security
Chapter Nine. ASP.NET Security
Chapter Ten. Web Services Security
Appendix A. A Security Attack Example: The Stack Overrun
Appendix B. How the RSA Cipher Works
Appendix C. Using the GNU GMP Library
Appendix D. Cryptography and Security Resources
Appendix E. Exploring Web Services

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