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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MySQL and Java Developer's Guide free download ebook

MySQL and Java Developer's Guide free ebooks

by :
Mark Matthews
Jim Cole
Joseph D. Gradecki

MySQL and Java Developer's Guide ebook highlight how MySQL’s Connector/J
JDBC driver achieves the interfacing of MySQL with Java while maintaining the
spirit of the specification and provide example code using all major forms of Java development, including: Applications, Applets, Servlets,JSPs,EJBs

content of the ebook :

Chapter 1 An Overview of MySQL
Chapter 2 JDBC and Connector/JChapter 3 Working with MySQL SQL
Chapter 4 Installing MySQL, Java, and Connector/J
Chapter 5 Using JDBC with Java Applications and Applets
Chapter 6 Achieving Advanced Connector/J Functionality with Servlets
Chapter 7 MySQL Type Mapping
Chapter 8 Transactions and Table Locking with Connector/JChapter 9 Using Metadata
Chapter 10 Connection Pooling with Connector/J
Chapter 11 EJBs with MySQL
Chapter 12 Building a General Interface for MySQL
Chapter 13 Database Administration
Chapter 14 Performance and Tuning
Appendix A MySQL Development and Test Environments
Appendix B Databases and Tables
Appendix C The JDBC API and Connector/J



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