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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Essential Blogging ebook

Essential Blogging ebook

Blogging has exploded. Every day 1,500-3,000 new bloggers join the Internet. That's a staggering number of new voices, new opinions, and new experiences. You can join these bloggers — all it takes is some software and something to say. this ebook helps you quickly get up and running with the software.
content of the ebook:
Chapter 1. Introduction to Blogging
Chapter 2. Desktop Clients
Chapter 3. Hosted Blogging with Blogger
Chapter 4. Desktop Blogging withRadio UserLandChapter 5. Server Blogging with Movable Type
Chapter 6. Advanced Blogger
Chapter 7. Advanced Radio UserLand
Chapter 8. Advanced Movable Type
Chapter 9. Minimalist Blogging with Blosxom
Chapter 10. Blogging Voices

10 Easy To Follow Videos Showing You How To Create Your Blog From Scratch!

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