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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ebook: Joomla! Template Design

Joomla! Template Design

Content of the Joomla! Template Design e book :

Chapter 1: Getting Started as a Joomla! Template Designer

Chapter 2: Identifying Key Elements for Design
Creating and Reviewing the Mock-Up
The Joomla! Template
Considerations to be Made
Defining the Graphic Style

Chapter 3: Coding It Up
Joomla! Servers
Setting Up Your Workflow
Firefox: Use It
Let's Make a Template
Making Changes to Your New Template
The Difference between CSS Classes and IDs
Changing Our Template Colors
Changing and Adding New Images to Our Template
Top Navigation Images
The Header Image
The Truth about XHTML
The Main Body
Getting the Layout Started
Adding Joomla! Modules and Content
Module Options
Styling the New Template

Chapter 4: Debugging and Validation
Introduction to Debugging
Troubleshooting Basics
Advanced Troubleshooting
Fixing CSS across Browsers
Out-of-the-Box-Model Thinking
The Road to Validation
Advanced Validation
Firefox's JavaScript/Error Console

Chapter 5: Your Template in Action
A Picture's Worth #Easy XML
Getting to Know Your XML
Zip it Up!
Uploading to Joomla!

Chapter 6: Templating Markup Reference
Your Markup and Joomla!'s
What You Can and Can't Control
mosLoadModule $style Control Options
Menu Options
Your CSS File

Chapter 7: Dynamic Menus and Interactive Elements
Dynamic Menus
Drop Downs
Installing the Extended Menu Module
Applying the CSS to Joomla!
Applying the DOM Script to Joomla!
Using Flash
The Template
Pass Flash a Joomla! Variable
Getting Around IE's ActiveX Restrictions

Chapter 8: AJAX / Dynamic and Interactive Forms
Preparing for Dynamic and Interactive Forms
Joomla! Extensions
Installing Joomla! Extensions
Wrapping It Up
Using the Wrapper Menu Item #The AJAX Factor
JavaScript Components and Libraries
More Joomla! Extensions!

Chapter 9: Design Tips for Working with Joomla!
The Cool Factor
Rounded Corners
The Classic: All Four Corners
Using Two Images Instead of Four
The Two-Image "Cheat"
Sizeable Text
Graphic Header Text
Using PHP to Make Graphic Headers Easy

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