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Friday, January 15, 2010

Database Access with Visual Basic .NET

Database Access with Visual Basic® .NET, Third Edition

This book contains a lot of demonstrations, examples, and code. We believe that their use is the best way to help you understand the concepts being presented. We normally provide relatively simple examples to demonstrate the concepts and then present Business Cases to put the concepts into a real-world context.contents:

Chapter 1. Database Basics
Chapter 2. Structured Query Language Queries and Commands
Chapter 3. Getting Started with SQL Server 2000
Chapter 4. ADO.NET—Data Providers
Chapter 5. ADO.NET—The DataSetChapter 6. ADO.NET—The DataAdapter
Chapter 7. ADO.NET—Additional Features and Techniques
Chapter 8. Visual Studio.NET Database Projects
Chapter 9. XML and .NET
Chapter 10. ADO.NET and XML
Chapter 11. WebForms: Database Applications with ASP.NET
Chapter 12. Web Services and Middle-Tier Technologies



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