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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Advanced Perl Programming ebook

Advanced Perl Programming ebook

Advanced Perl Programming ebook covers advanced features of the Perl language,
teaches how the perl interpreter works, and presents areas of modern computing technology such as networking, user interfaces, persistence, and code generation

Content of the ebook:
Chapter 1: Data References and Anonymous Storage
Chapter 2: Implementing Complex Data Structures
Chapter 3: Typeglobs and Symbol Tables
Chapter 4: Subroutine References and Closures
Chapter 5: Eval
Chapter 6: Modules
Chapter 7: Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 8: Object Orientation: The Next Few Steps
Chapter 9: Tie
Chapter 10: Persistence
Chapter 11: Implementing Object Persistence
Chapter 12: Networking with Sockets
Chapter 13: Networking: Implementing RPC
Chapter 14: User Interfaces with Tk
Chapter 15: GUI Example: Tetris
Chapter 16: GUI Example: Man Page Viewer
Chapter 17: Template-Driven Code Generation
Chapter 18: Extending Perl:A First Course
Chapter 19: Embedding Perl:The Easy Way
Chapter 20: Perl Internals



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